Monday, March 28, 2011

More Great Crowds

Yesterday we traveled to Rochester, N.Y., to perform a Sunday afternoon matinee. It was a short bus ride from Auburn and the band was very excited when we pulled into the concert site at Roberts Wesleyan College. We were fortunate enough to play for not only a sold-out crowd, but a very enthusiastic one as well. I am sure that when the Sea Chanters stop in Rochester later on their own tour that they will be just as thrilled as we were!

Our soloists for the afternoon, Chief Musician Tia Wortham and Musician 1st Class Jason Neihoff performed wonderfully. The large stage allowed Jason enough space to perform, and what a treat it was! Not only is his playing of Andrew Beall's "Affirmation" concerto for percussion and wind ensemble top notch, his distinct style and stage presence really shines through during his extended cadenza. It never fails to bring the crowd to their feet and it really electrifies the band; I know that I can't wait for him to perform again tomorrow night in Buffalo!

After the concert we loaded back up on to the busses and headed further west to Buffalo. While the tour is starting to wind down, the concerts are only getting better and better...

Musician 1st Class Jeremy Buckler plays trombone in the Concert Band.

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