Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Honoring Veterans

Yesterday the Sea Chanters left the urban city of Boston, and entered our fifth state on our New England tour: New Hampshire. We performed in the oldest high school in New Hampshire, erected in 1846. The theater sat 1,200 patrons and was absolutely lovely.

It is our 11th day on our national concert tour, which means we are more than half-way through. The time has gone by rather quickly, and I believe that is because our audiences are so appreciative and patriotic. It is so wonderful to bring our show to other parts of the country.

I have been singing with the Sea Chanters for over 11 years, and we always end our program with a medley of service songs. It allows the audience a chance to stand and be proud if they or a member of their family have served in the military of our great nation. I still get choked up when I see people who can barely stand try with all of their strength to be recognized for their service.

Tonight, there were was a man in the front row, retired Chief Musician Raymond Michaud, USCG. He turned 90 years old last week. He served for five years in the U.S. Coast Guard Band, and tonight he wore his uniform to the concert, and stood proudly for the Coast Guard song. Thank you, chief, and thank you to all veterans for making us a part of your evening. It makes me proud to serve.

Musician 1st Class Kristin Pagent is a soprano vocalist in the Sea Chanters.

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Phil said...

Way to go, Kristen!!!!