Monday, March 28, 2011

Paying a Visit to "Old Ironsides"

Boston is an awesome city. There is so much culture and lots to see! Some of us had the opportunity to try some of the Italian fare along the Italian district, not to mention some of the most amazing pastries from Mike’s Pastry Shop. Another group visited USS Constitution and couldn’t help but sing the Sea Chantey “Boston Harbor” while taking the tour. The area is fun and the people have been very friendly.

Last night's concert took place at Madacheese Middle School in Yarmouth, Mass. Our concert patrons were fantastic and welcoming. Long travel days and concerts every night can wear you down, but these patrons gave us newfound energy. The people of Yarmouth lifted our spirits with their patriotism and we received several standing ovations throughout the concert. Their enthusiasm was truly inspiring.

Thank you to the sponsors for hosting us and feeding us a wonderful spread of food before the concert. We really appreciate the collaborative effort it took to put this show together. It’s really the sponsors that help to make our show so special. Thank you for all your support! Now it’s off to New Hampshire!

Musician 1st Class Sarah Tietsort is a soprano vocalist in the Sea Chanters.

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