Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Historic Palace Theater

Yesterday was day two of tour and had us travelling from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Marion, Ohio. Although it was snowing the majority of our trip, everything went smoothly as our motor coach operator, Jerry Novak, handled the job excellently, as he always does!

We arrived in Marion and, after checking into our hotel, made our way to the Palace Theater for the night’s performance. I can honestly say that in eight years of touring with the Sea Chanters that this was one of the more memorable venues we’ve played in. The historic theatre was built by John Eberson in 1928. Over his lifetime, Eberson and his son built hundreds of theaters. The Marion Palace is one of approximately 18 Eberson atmospheric theaters still left standing in the world! The history was palpable in the place, and from the stories we heard after the show the community of Marion is clearly very proud that this testament to art history is still around to be enjoyed.

Our performance was met with a truly fantastic response from a sold-out audience! The way things are shaping up in the first two days are making this year’s tour one to remember!!

Today we are headed across state lines again as we head into Indiana for our performance tonight at Warsaw Community High School. Hope to see you there!

Musician 1st Class Mike Webb is a baritone vocalist in the Sea Chanters.

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