Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Hard Work, Discipline and Persistence"

Yesterday's activities by members of the Navy Band in the U.S. Virgin Islands were much like the day before, except at different high schools. At both workshops, Capt. Brian Walden and the Navy Band members tried to reinforce one of Alton Adams' legacies to these aspiring musicians: that hard work, discipline and persistence will pay great benefits in anything you do. One of Chief Adams' greatest lessons was that nothing should get in the way of your dreams. He lived during a time of great institutional discrimination, and yet rose above it to become one of the Virgin Islands' greatest success stories. All the members of the Navy Band are also examples of hard work and discipline bearing great results; the Navy Band members on this trip have endeavored to impress that upon the young musicians they've been teaching this week. The students came from the Ivanna Eudora Kean and Charlotte Amalie High Schools.

Last night, Capt. Walden, Master Chief Musician Kevin Dines and Senior Chief Musician Mike Bayes participated on "Face to Face," a live interview program on WTJX channel 12, the Virgin Islands' local public television station. The program is hosted by long-time local TV personality Addie Ottley, and included Alton Augustus Adams Jr., the son of Chief Adams, Ms. Karen Hughes and Mr. Cornell Williams, both of International Capital and Management Company, which is hosting this visit by the Navy Band. The discussion ranged from Adams' influence on the cultural life of the islands, and our outreach mission here to young music students, to the concert performance by the Navy Band tonight.

It was another very busy but extremely rewarding day for us. Today is our last full day on the Virgin Islands, with another high school outreach program this morning, and the concert in the evening. It promises to be just as fulfilling as all the other days of this trip. We're looking forward to it!

Master Chief Musician Aaron Porter is the Navy Band's public affairs director.

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