Thursday, September 8, 2011

Country Current on National Tour

Hello from the road! The band landed in Salt Lake City a couple of days ago and the weather was beautiful! We played our first concert at the Utah Community Cultural Center and it was a great crowd. There was a young lady in the audience singing along to every song and she was invited on stage later in the set to sing along on "Free and Easy"...the crowd really loved this and she became a bit of a hometown hero!

Tonight we played in Grand Junction CO at the Avalon Theater to a sell-out and enthusiastic crowd. They even had to bring in extra chairs! Many veterans were in attendance and they shared many of their stories with us after the program. What a great reception! The band is having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather in the West. On to Denver tomorrow to play for the crowd attending a Rockies baseball game. Early start so I'll sign off now with more to come! Go Navy!

Senior Chief Musician Keith Arneson plays banjo and is leader of Country Current.

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