Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cincinnati Navy Week: Day Four

We started our final day of our Navy Week tour around 9 a.m.; destination: "Coney Island Sunlite Pool Water Park." It was a very hot day, with temperatures reaching into the triple digits. Cincinnati was having some very warm weather the whole week, making hydration an important priority for the band. Playing right next to the largest flat surface pool in North America, this the first of two shows went better than expected in such weather, reaching an audience of over 2,000 swimmers! The Leap Frogs were scheduled to jump after our show, landing near the pool in the parking lot, caping off the event!

Luckily for the band, the next- and last show of the week- was three blocks from the hotel, so we all had a break back at the hotel before setting up for the Fountain Square concert in the evening. The final show in Cincinnati went very well, with the Cruisers being the opening act for a three band festival in the square. Tons of people were really having a great time in the square listening to us and the band really put everything it had left into the show!!

Overall, Navy Week was a big success!

Mission Complete

Musician 1st Class Justin Cody plays keyboards in the Cruisers popular music ensemble.

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