Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Newest Senior Chiefs

We’re pleased to announce that five members of the Navy Band have been selected for promotion to senior chief musician. Congratulations to Senior Chief (select) Musicians Michael Bayes, Luellyn Dollard, David Kolo, Matthew Neff and Christopher Raifsnider.

Senior Chief (select) Musician Mike Bayes, a native of Bowie, Md., joined the Concert/Ceremonial Band in 1996. Bayes is currently head archivist, assistant drum major, Concert/Ceremonial Band saxophone section leader, and International Saxophone Symposium assistant coordinator. He was a member of the Saxophone Quartet and has also been a featured soloist on numerous Concert Band performances.

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Senior Chief (select) Musician Lue Dollard joined the Concert/Ceremonial Band in 1993, where she is currently principal flutist. She is also the flute section leader, as well as the command's awards coordinator. Dollard is a frequent soloist with the Concert Band and director of the Windjammers woodwind quintet.

Senior Chief (select) Musician Dave Kolo is a native of Milwaukee, Wis. He joined the Concert/Ceremonial Band in 1995 as a horn instrumentalist. In addition to appearing as a soloist with the Concert Band, Kolo is the Concert Band’s leading chief petty officer and leader of the Navy Band’s popular Brass Quintet.

Senior Chief (select) Musician Matt Neff is currently the bass trombonist in the Commodores jazz ensemble, in addition to serving as the Navy Band’s national tour director. Neff, a native of Hollidaysburg, Pa., joined the Navy Band in 1992 as a trombone instrumentalist with the Concert/Ceremonial Band. In 2009, after a successful audition, he was appointed to the Commodores. Neff spent six years as a member of the Navy Band’s Brass Quintet, a group that he composed more than 30 works for. He has also appeared as a soloist with the Concert Band.

Hailing from Fleetwood, Pa., Senior Chief (select) Musician Chris Raifsnider, joined the Concert/Ceremonial Band in 1997. Prior to joining the Navy Band, Raifsnider spent five years in the U.S. Naval Academy Band in Annapolis, Md. During his time with the Concert Band, he appeared as soloist on several performances, as well as performing in the saxophone section. Raifsnider currently serves as the Navy Band’s career counselor and auditions supervisor.

Congratulations to these musicians on their important career milestone, and for their continued dedicated service to the United States Navy Band and the United States Navy.

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