Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visit from CHINFO

Friday night we performed a very memorable concert in Springfield, Mass., at the Springfield Symphony Hall. The concert was part of kicking off the city of Springfield's 375th anniversary celebration. We also realized that the Navy Band helped kick off the 350th anniversary celebration 25 years ago! In addition to the mayor of Springfield being in the audience, we had the distinct pleasure of having Rear Adm. Dennis Moynihan, the Navy's chief of information (CHINFO), join us. He is a native of Springfield and he had many of his family members joining him at the concert. It was a real treat to get to spend time with CHINFO after the concert.

The concert was a real success and we received many ovations from the audience and performed many encores. Our solosits for the night, Chief Musician Tia Wortham and Musician 1st Class Jason Neihoff both performed flawlessly and received thunderous applause. We also had some students from Springfield Sci-Tech's marching band join us on stage for Washington Post March and they sounded great! The band is really enjoying the tour so far; every town we have been in has been so welcoming. We are really looking forward to the concerts coming up!

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Anonymous said...

The concert in Springfield was great! I love almost anything Sousa! I loved both your singers Tia F. Wortham, soprano and Courtney R. Williams. Please I didn't like POPCOPY, there is a enough crazy in the world, we don't need more. Keep up the great positive work! Barbara