Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Quick Breather

Today we left the beautiful state of Maine and headed to Glens Falls, N.Y. It was a long six hour bus ride and we were all glad when we pulled into the hotel, even though we had to get right back onto the bus to head to the concert in only an hour and a half! When you only have that short amount of free time, everyone does something different. Some of us, like yours truly, went and walked around where we are staying in Saratoga Springs. Some went and grabbed a quick bite to eat before the concert while others headed down to the gym for a quick run on the treadmills.

Once we arrived at Glens Falls High School, everyone finished the final setup of equipment and then started warming up. It is very hard to get in practice time when you are on the bus all day so I know we all took a little more time warming up and making sure we were ready to go. The concert went really well; the concert hall at Glens Falls High School sounded really great!

After six nights of concerts in a row, tomorrow we have our final day off of tour. I know that many of us will be doing a variety of activities but I am sure that if you were to come and walk around the hallways of our hotel you would hear many people practicing in their rooms. Even though we have a concert every night, it is still important to practice everyday. Being on the road with our bandmates also gives us time to play duets, trios, etc. and to make music together. When we are back home our schedules are often so hectic that it is hard to get together like we can on the road. It's a real treat to get to play trombone duets and quartets with my section-mates, Jeff, Brian, and Andy- they are all such talented musicians!

Musician 1st Class Jeremy Buckler plays trombone in the Concert Band.

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