Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picture Perfect

Today we made our way further north to Torrington, Conn. It is a very cool town, located about an hour west of Hartford. We had the pleasure of performing at the Warner Theatre in downtown Torrington. Situated on Main St., it was a fantastic display of Art Deco architecture and was full of history. There were so many ornate details inside and out that when we all walked onto stage to set up, everyone stopped to admire the hall and many of us were taking pictures. 

The theatre was built in 1935 by the Warner Brothers and they used it as a test market for its films. In the 1980s the theatre was slated for demolition, but a group of citizens from this wonderful area of Connecticut joined together to form an arts association and saved the theatre. It is such a gem, it was a real treat to get to play in this wonderful hall!

The only thing better than the hall was the audience, the house was packed and everyone was very enthusiastic. They demanded many encores from us! 

Musician 1st Class Jeremy Buckler plays trombone in the Concert Band.

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