Friday, January 21, 2011

Fair Winds and Following Seas: MUC Ben Grant

Chief Musician Ben Grant is retiring after 24 years of naval service.

Benjamin Grant, came to the Navy Band in 1999 as bassist and charter member of the Cruisers.  A native of Sanford, Fla., he was attending school at Seminole College before enlisting in the Navy in 1987 as a tuba instrumentalist.  Prior to his appointment to the Navy Band, he attended the Armed Forces School of Music, advancing out as the top Navy student in his class.  Before military life, Chief Grant worked as a park musician at Sea World of Florida and as youth musical director for the Sanford Church of Christ. 

An avid chef, he enjoys using his spare time to pursue the culinary arts and is a die hard baseball fan.

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Anonymous said...

All the best to one of the finest bass players I've ever heard. You will be missed.


Karl Hovey