Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Commodores Invade Roswell!

by Senior Chief Musician Matt Neff

Captain’s log:  
Star-date 27 OCT 2012-Roswell, NM, Planet Earth, Alpha Centauri System
They arrived.  A ’band’ of 20, men and women.  Carrying strange instruments and luggage.  They swiftly departed their rolling craft and entered the temporary domicile (aka ‘hotel’).  Some members emerged from the ‘hotel’ and ran away.  Others hid behind closed doors, creating all kinds of noise – from low drones to screaming high pitches.  Clearly these are creatures of a different sort.
I have been a big fan of sci-fi for most of my life.  This is not my first visit to Roswell. I’ve toured here before with the Concert Band, but this is the first time the Commodores have performed in Roswell in at least 22 years.  It was fun to observe everyone’s first impression as we entered town. Most of the band was seeing all of the alien shops and the UFO museum for the first time.
MU1 William Dunn with the Cadets in Roswell, NM
The drive into Roswell is pretty unique.  Living in the Washington, D.C. metro area, it is rare to be out of cell phone range and many miles from gas stations, fast food, etc.  So to drive about 200 miles with only a of couple towns, isolated ranches and limited cell service was intriguing.  Roswell on the other hand, is a busy town with alien tourist attractions, great restaurants/shops and a world-class military academy – New Mexico Military Institute.  It was great to perform at Pearson Auditorium and especially groovy to have so many young cadets at our performance!
The Navy Band has a connection with sci-fi.  Former Navy Bandsman Jay Chattaway composed the original Star Trek theme!   Add to that all of the ‘out of this world’ talent in the Commodores, and Roswell, New Mexico is the perfect tour stop!

About the Author

Senior Chief Musician Matt Neff  is a native of Hollidaysburg, Pa. and joined the Navy Band in July 1992. Prior to his appointment in the Commodores in 2009, he was bass trombonist in the Concert/Ceremonial Band. In addition to his duties as bass trombonist in the Commodores, MUCS Neff serves as the National Tour Director for Navy Band.

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jwrandall said...

Sorry Matt, It was Alexander Courage who wrote the original Star Trek Theme.

Jay wrote music for Star Trek Voyager, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise.
I never missed a moment.
Keep up the good work.
Jim Randall
Bass Trombone
US Navy Band Commodores 1969-1973