Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mother Nature "strikes" again!

by Musician 1st Class Kenny Ray Horton
Friday, Sept. 7th brought us from Alma, Ark. to Conway with a performance at the University of Central Arkansas. Weather might continue to be a theme in these tour blog posts as once again Mother Nature ended up stealing a little bit of the spotlight, but not until we had our time!

The audience of 650 people braved the high winds, lighting, and hail to come enjoy our show. While the storm raged outside, we played to this exceptional crowd. No sooner had we kicked off the intro to our last song of the night, than lightning struck nearby taking out power to the venue.

Folks still came up to tell us how they enjoyed the show and thanked us for coming to town. Many stated that they knew of a lot of people who wanted to come, but feared the weather.

It was still a great show with wonderful, patriotic people. Thanks to all who braved the weather and helped make Country Current's National Tour a continuing success!

Even indoors Mother Nature can get in on the show.

About the Author

Musician 1st Class Kenny Ray Horton Born and raised in Rocky Comfort, Mo., MU1 Horton joined the Navy Band in 2008. Prior to the Navy Band, he served in Navy Band Great Lakes (2000-2001), Pacific Fleet Band (2005-2007) and Navy Band Mid-South (2007-2008). In addition to his singing, he is the master of ceremonies and contributes original songs and arranges much of Country Current’s repertoire.

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