Thursday, September 13, 2012

Flying on downtime

by Musician 1st Class Kenny Ray Horton
After five days of concerts, Country Current had a day to rest in Slidell, La. These "maintenance days" are typically used for changing strings/drum heads, fixing gear, and washing laundry. Additionally, the day provides the band with some downtime so we can get out and see a few things.

Some of the band members headed to "The Big Easy" for food and fun, while some golfed a bit. I chose to go flying with great friend and fellow Navy bandsman, Musician 1st Class JR Kraftchak. JR and I served five years together when we were stationed at U.S. Navy Band Great Lakes from 2000 to 2005. Recently, JR has been studying flight and obtaining certificates on his way to becoming a Certified Flight Instructor. We took an evening flight to Gulfport, Miss. to have dinner and catch up. It is always great to see old friends doing well and chasing dreams. I took these photos of some great views over Slidell and on our approach to the Gulfport airport.

On Tuesday we have our 9/11 show in Slidell, which is our drummer, MU1 Tina Catalanotto's hometown. It is always great to play for family and it will be a special night for a show.

As we continue our tour, the anniversary of such a tragedy lives in our minds. Honoring the memory of those lost in the attack and those who have been lost in the fight since then is our duty and privilege.

About the Author

Musician 1st Class Kenny Ray Horton Born and raised in Rocky Comfort, Mo., MU1 Horton joined the Navy Band in 2008. Prior to the Navy Band, he served in Navy Band Great Lakes (2000-2001), Pacific Fleet Band (2005-2007) and Navy Band Mid-South (2007-2008). In addition to his singing, he is the master of ceremonies and contributes original songs and arranges much of Country Current’s repertoire.

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