Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Unexpected Bump in the Road

by Musician 1st Class Kenny Ray Horton
Day 14 of our tour through the great states of the mid south started like any other tour day. Musician First Class Pat Gulley and I set out in the equipment truck from San Antonio heading for Kingsville, Texas. It was a typical drive day until we hit an unexpected "bump in the road". Just as MU1 Gulley was steering us through the offramp to head to Naval Air Station Kingsville, the engine died. Fortunately, we were able to get to a parking lot away from traffic to safely have a look at the truck. Between the two of us, we can play pretty much any country song you want to hear, but when it comes to fixing a box truck, we don't quite have the wherewithal! We had to call the rental truck company who sent out Juan's Wrecker Service. The tow truck operator saved the show by towing us to the venue where the truck was then worked on by a couple of different companies. We appreciate the fact that Juan and his crew worked furiously to get us to the show on time.
With a bit of lingering anxiety in the air, we set up our equipment. At one point Musician First Class Joe Friedman had a "freak out" moment when he discovered his guitar had shrunk to an unreasonable size....only to find out he had wondered too far across the stage and started to pick up Chief Musician Pat White's mandolin.

Despite the earlier hang up, the show went very well thanks in part to the diligence of our tour managers Musicians First Class Tina Catalanatto and Pat Gulley.

We wanted to extend a big "Thank You!" to the Jones Auditorium staff for allowing us to store our gear in their facility until we received our replacement truck the next day. Additionally, a huge "Thank you!" is in order for all of the folks who came out to hear the show, including Senior Chief Musician (retired) Red Fisher. It is always great to see one of our fantastic fleet musicians whom a couple of Country Current members served with years ago.

About the Author

Musician 1st Class Kenny Ray Horton Born and raised in Rocky Comfort, Mo., MU1 Horton joined the Navy Band in 2008. Prior to the Navy Band, he served in Navy Band Great Lakes (2000-2001), Pacific Fleet Band (2005-2007) and Navy Band Mid-South (2007-2008). In addition to his singing, he is the master of ceremonies and contributes original songs and arranges much of Country Current’s repertoire.

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