Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcoming Communities

Yesterday was the first day we didn't have to travel all day to get to a new hotel. It was a beautiful, sunny (and very windy!!) day, and we were able to enjoy the city of Fort Wayne, Ind. In the afternoon, we loaded onto the bus to head back into Ohio to the friendly city of Van Wert.

Our sponsors, Niswonger PAC and the Times Bulletin Media, provided a nice dinner for us before the show, and the incredibly talented high school choir, the Knightvisions, serenaded the patrons in the lobby as they entered the auditorium to see our concert. The local boy scout troop 31, from the First United Methodist Church, paraded the colors for us, and the First Presbyterian Church provided dessert for us.

It really makes us feel so welcomed to have the community come together and make our concert a success in their town. The 1,000 patrons were an enthusiastic audience, and it made it easy to have a fun, engaging show.

It's hard to believe that our tour is already almost a quarter finished, and I can only hope to receive a welcome as warm as the one we received in Van Wert again. Thank you!

Musician 1st Class Kristin Pagent is a soprano vocalist in the Sea Chanters.

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MUCM Bob Snider USN, (Ret.)N said...

RE: the uniforms??? (much nicer than the "old one's") :)