Wednesday, March 14, 2012


by Musician 1st Class Kristen Pagent

Yesterday was our 10th day of tour, and we left the Chicagoland area to head west to Rock Island, Ill. We performed in the Centennial Hall at Augustana College. What a beautiful auditorium! Our commanding officer, Capt. Brian Walden, is on tour with the concert Band right now, and he took his day off to come hear us perform. We appreciate his support, and it was wonderful to see him!

We had an enthusiastic audience that filled the concert hall and made it easy to perform. Our tour was half over after yesterday evening's concert, which concludes our tour manager, Musician 1st Class Rachel Sarracco's, fantastic half of tour. Bravo Zulu, shipmate, for all of your hard work! We had a great run in Illinois, and look forward to continuing our tour today in the great state of Iowa.

About the Author

Musician 1st Class Kristen Pagent, a native of the Chicago suburb Wheaton, Ill., joined the Navy Band in January 2000. She earned a Bachelor of Music from Northwestern University in 1999 in vocal performance.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic performance in Youngstown, Ohio on March 7. This performance makes on proud of the U.S. Navy and its mission! Using local student muscians was a wonderful touch and link to the community. Thank you for recognizing the veterans. CM Pelzers rendition of "America the Beautiful" was the best I have ever heard. Keep up the great work! Go Navy!

Amanda R. Wortham said...

. Thank you *so much* for coming! It was fantastic to be able to see and hear the Sea Chanters in our own hall here at Augie. The music performed was beautiful, dramatic, entertaining, and a great musical experience for everyone.

All of the Sea Chanters were as genuinely nice as they were talented. It was phenomenal to be able to talk with the performers after the concert with our (students') comments being warmly welcomed. It's not often that performers are able (or willing!) to take the time to talk to the audience after a show.

Thank you so much, and it was an amazing concert. Come back again soon, please! Have a great tour!

Amanda R. Wortham, Augustana College's 'Rag Doll'

PS. If there are any pictures from last night's show, I would love to know how to get them! :D

Frank Mullen III said...
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Frank Mullen III said...

From a one-time fleet musician: Bravo!

Frank Mullen
Former MUC