Friday, March 16, 2012

Close call

by Musician 1st Class Michael Webb

Mr. Novak has driven the Sea Chanters
more than 130 days and 20000 miles from 2006-2012.
Yesterday proved to be a day covering a range of emotions for the Sea Chanters. We departed Keokuk in the late morning to travel to our next destination: Pella, Iowa. We left plenty of time to make the trip in a relaxed fashion and still have several hours of downtime once we reached our next hotel. However, along the way our motor coach operator, Jerry Novak, proved once again how valuable his professionalism and experience is to us.

A driver of a pickup truck, towing a trailer, made a quick turn and the brake lights on his trailer were not illuminated. Jerry wasn't able to read and react to as he normally would, and only through his impeccable skills was a serious accident avoided.
There was a collision, however, and we had to spend considerable time along the shoulder of the road as the incident was reported and recorded. Thankfully, no one was injured and the damage involved was cosmetic and easily replaced. We can't thank Jerry enough for his continued professionalism and steadfast devotion to his duty - he keeps us comfortable, on schedule, and most importantly, safe every day we're with him. Things could have been much worse if not for him.

After the delay from the accident, we arrived in Pella and the excitement gave way to relaxation. Pella proved to be a charming town with a Dutch influence that provided many options for window shopping and eating. With a few hours of quiet downtime we were refreshed for our performance in Oskaloosa at the George Daily Auditiorium. The crowd loved us and we had another satisfying night of performing for fans of the U.S. Navy Band!

Today we are headed to Fort Dodge, Iowa, to perform at Iowa Central Community College. Tell your friends we'll be there, and we'll see you tonight!

About the Author

Musician 1st Class Michael Webb, a native of Reston, Va., joined the Navy Band in 2004 as a bass vocalist in the Sea Chanters. He earned a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance from James Madison University.

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