Thursday, September 1, 2011

In Cincinnati for Navy Week

Yesterday was our first day of performances on a short stint of seven gigs in six days in Cincinnati. It was the easiest day of the trip because we only had one concert. The rest of the trip we will be playing two shows a day.

We played for the students at the Horizon Science Academy. It is continually amazing to wow an audience by playing music that they listen to everyday. They never expect us to come in and play Cee Lo Green and the Black-Eyed Peas. The kids went wild dancing and screaming; it was a very successful show. It's always a pleasure to introduce kids to the Navy, and the Navy Band, who might otherwise not know anything about it. But for me, back stage, I was just hoping that my wife and kids back home would regain power soon. We have been without electricity for since Hurricane Irene struck the East coast last weekend. It was very hard to leave them alone , especially since we have a 19-month old baby; makes it hard to cook food with a running baby and no power!

Despite the lack of power I have still been able to video chat to keep in touch with my baby who likes to scream Daddy and kiss the phone when she sees me on the screen.

UPDATE: My wife told me that the power came back on today, so I can continue the rest of this tour worry-free!

Musician 1st Class (SW) Justin Cody plays keyboards for the Cruisers.

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