Monday, March 21, 2011

Sea Chanters in Norwalk

We woke up today and it was gray and rainy outside. We were gloomily anticipating a long bus ride to Norwalk, Conn. It is hard to be on the bus all day, especially with gray weather, and dig deep for the energy to give the audience the show they deserve. 

All of the obstacles were there in the morning, but this seemingly dreary day turned out to be full of good things. Our shipmate, Musician 1st Class Mike Belinkie, was SIQ (sick in quarters- the Navy version of your doctor telling you to stay home) when we left for our tour, but today he was cleared by medical and able to take a train up to Connecticut and meet us on the road! We are all so happy for his return. He is an incredible tenor vocalist, such a positive person, and our show is more complete now that he is here. Welcome back, shipmate! 

When we stepped off the bus in Norwalk, we were warmly greeted by our sponsor, Mike Mocciae, director of recreation and parks, and Richard Moccia, the mayor of Norwalk. The hall was big and clean. We were fed a fantastic dinner catered by the original New York Deli (it is always so humbling when a sponsor feeds us). The mayor started by greeting the crowd, and the show began! The crowd was enthusiastic and energetic from the get-go. It is such a pleasure to perform when the audience gives us such positive energy. 

All in all, today was tremendous. Thanks for making us feel so special, Norwalk!

Musician 1st Class Kristin Pagent is a soprano vocalist in the Sea Chanters.

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