Sunday, March 20, 2011

P.T. on the Road

I am constantly amazed by two qualities of the people I work with here at the Navy Band.  The first is why they were hired in the first place: their uncanny musicianship.  The other is their adeptness at becoming innovative in areas other than music.  People of the band have talents ranging from cooking to car maintenance to fitness.  In the case of tour, maintaining good fitness is a challenge for us.

Exercise confined within a modified hotel room with the typical selection of treadmill, stationary bike, and small weight bench can become boring quickly.  This problem is compounded when you realize that 50+ people would like to exercise during the limited hours we spend in the hotel.  The situation is also difficult when traveling during March in states where the weather can be somewhat unpredictable and often cold and precipitous, making outdoor activities uninviting.  Thanks to the innovative exercise program created by Musician 1st Class John Martinich, we have the ability to P.T. (physical training) in a fun group format while getting a great workout in a short amount of time with limited exercise resources.  

Martinich utilizes a combination of strength and cardio training mixed together in quickly evolving combinations to better utilize the time and endurance of a particular individual.  For instance, yesterday,  Martinich conducted a class where we first did the strength portion of the Navy P.T. test involving two minutes each of pushups and situps.  Then we did five circuits involving three lengths of a shuttle run, five "burpies" or modified eight-count body-builders, leap frog one length, and five more "burpies".  In this instance we were lucky to have a nice day outside to be able to involve the shuttle run, but in some cases where the weather is bad or space is limited we may be forced to utilize a very small space to get a varied workout in.  For this purpose, Martinich brought jump ropes, kettle bells of differing weights and medicine balls.  Utilizing these, he has been able to create an effective workout for any size group in just about any space.  For me, it has been an intriguing introduction to a new P.T. program that I intend to explore more fully when I get back home.

Musician 1st Class Tony Halloin plays tuba in the Concert Band.

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