Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Sea Chanters Tour

Yesterday, we pulled away from our hotel in downtown Providence, R.I., to begin our journey across state borders into Massachusetts. Sometimes we find ourselves fortunate enough to stay in really fascinating locations or unique and interesting hotels while on our national concert tour. Our stay in Providence had provided both, as the hotel was a converted Masonic Temple located directly across the street from the state capitol building. An abundance of history was at our fingertips as we explored the hotel and the grounds around it.

One might think that after such a compelling combination of amenities in Rhode Island, it would be a pretty tough act to follow. However, after a few hours on the bus, we made our way into downtown Boston to check into another fantastic hotel. The opportunity to travel to all these different cities and represent the Navy for our audiences is enough to reason to feel incredibly lucky. But when we also get to enjoy such amazing places to stay, the situation becomes even more gratifying!

Most of us took advantage of the few hours we had before we headed to our performance to walk around the area and explore what the neighboring area had to offer. The architecture, historical landmarks, and cobblestone streets and sidewalks were unmistakably 'Boston' and made a cold, blustery afternoon thoroughly enjoyable.

After about a 30 mile drive from downtown we arrived at Ipswich High School - the site for our performance tonight. What a nice hall! The acoustics were admirable and it was a wonderful place to perform. As has occurred a couple times previously on this tour, we were joined by a local group at the start of our concert. Tonight we were treated to a short program from "SwingTown," an a capella group from St. John's Prep. Their songs were met with warm applause from the audience and it was a great way to start the night for the Sea Chanter program that followed! A big bravo zulu to "SwingTown" for their inspired singing!

We are looking forward to having some more time tomorrow to explore more of what Boston has to offer before we head to our performance in West Yarmouth, Mass. We continue to be humbled by all of the gracious support from our patrons. We'll see you tomorrow!

Musician 1st Class Michael Webb is a bass vocalist in the Sea Chanters.

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