Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hello, Ocean State!

After four days spent in New Haven, Conn., the Sea Chanters finally broke camp and headed to our nation's smallest state, Rhode Island. After a smooth bus ride, we arrived at our hotel in Providence and settled in. Almost immediately, we were struck by the hospitality and friendliness of the people in Rhode Island's capital city. The playful (yet helpful) hotel staff; the servers in the local restaurants; the people we met in the area - in one short afternoon they made a big impression on our choir!

It came as no surprise, then, that the audience at our evening concert was just as delightful! The auditorium at Warwick Veterans High School was filled almost to capacity well before the 7:30 p.m. downbeat. To begin the concert, Ms. Nancy Kennedy and her fabulous choirs treated the audience to an inspired program that was full of variety. The students sparkled in their performance and their obvious love of music set the tone for the evening. We were honored to follow such beautiful singing!

After each Sea Chanter performance, we get to meet members of our audience face-to-face. The people we meet often remark about the job of being a Navy musician. We have heard many times that this job "seems difficult." We have heard, much more frequently, that this job "seems fun." Of course, both statements are true. As is the case anywhere in the workforce, our small team experiences triumphs and failures, ups and downs, times of challenge and times of success. But I believe anyone in the Sea Chanters would tell you that serving communities like Warwick is pure fun. Our fine sponsors could not have ensured a more appreciative and spirited audience than they did tonight! We were paid many gracious compliments while the audience departed, but none were so deeply felt as the rousing applause, hearty laughter and wide grins we saw from the stage tonight.

It is an honor to serve our country through music, and is a pleasure to sing and play for the people of Rhode Island.

Musician 1st Class Casey Elliott is the associate musical director for the Sea Chanters.

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Robert said...

What a great concert! You all were awesome last night. Just had to tell you how much my wife and daughter and mother loved all the songs. Felt like we were at a Broadway play at times. Then church, then on the high sease. You brought us to so many places with your wonderful performance. I hope you come back soon to Rhode Island and grace us with your presence again!!
Java Jive was crazy awesome and so was the Jersey Boys rendition.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the Navy - us well as all friends in the armed services that protect us (and the world) so valiantly. You are an inspiration to all!!